The Water Bugs are rugged standard floor rafts with diminishing tubes and have quickly become our most popular livery boats. With the over-sized tubes constructed of 1100 denier PVC material and the floor raised 5”, these rafts skim on top of the water like a Bug with superior tracking and ease.

Each Water Bug begins with over-lapped seam construction.  Next, inside seam tape is heat-welded for solid air-retention and the outside seam tape is glued using 2-part PVC glue for extra strength. The bomb-proof 4000 denier PVC floor is built tough to handle the daily abuse of rental customers and low water. We now use poly-urethane bottom wear patches which are very light weight, puncture resistant, abrasion resistant, and easier to roll-up.

Water Bugs come standard with Leafield C-7 valves, 4 outside air-chambers, reinforced D-rings, soft lifting handles, and P/U bottom wear patches. The XB9.5-ST, Texas Bug comes equipped with Leafield air-release valves on the outer tubes.

Livery Outfitters and private users alike will agree that the Water Bugs are designed for several years of easy and reliable use. Having a raised floor makes it a Bug, for fast and easy paddling. Being a Star Inflatable also makes it a Bug, because it’s an original Star design.

Star Inflatables great designs, service, and value.


MSRP:  $2385

Length:  13′

Width: 6’2”

Tube Size: 21”

Thwart Size:  14”

Bow/Stern Rise:  29”

Straight Section: 4’ 7″

Weight: 98 pounds

# Outer Chambers:  4

# Thwarts: 3

# D-rings: 6

# Handles: 2

Color Options: Sky Blue, Kodak Yellow, Red.