The Starlite Series was designed for outfitters and livery businesses to withstand years of daily abuse while continuing to look and perform like new. The four models in this series have been very popular with both outfitters and private rafters. Fishing enthusiasts have discovered that Starlite rafts make excellent fishing boats for both commercial and personal use.

Every Star Inflatable begins with over-lapped seam construction.  Inside seam tape is then heat-welded for solid air-retention and outside seam tape is bonded using PVC glue for extra strength. Our boats are built using poly-urethane bottom wear patches which are very light weight, puncture resistant, abrasion resistant, and allow for an easier roll-up.

The 4000 denier standard floor, strongest on the market, is almost impossible to puncture or wear through. This tough floor is tightly stretched and raised 2”-3” above the bottom of the side tubes allowing for excellent tracking.

Other great features of the Starlite Series include: Leafield valves, double reinforced d-rings and handles, glued-in and removable thwarts.  Why spend nearly twice as much for a boat that requires more maintenance with the same life expectancy?

Star Inflatables: great designs, service, and value.

Starlite Series