The self-bailing Bug Series combines the performance of a catamaran with the convenience of a traditional raft.  Whether it’s the 12’ Lightning Bug, 13.5’ Wonder Bug, or the 15’ Super Bug, the self-bailing Bugs are our most popular boat for commercial fishing guides and multi-day trippers that want high capacity without high maintenance.

Only the side tubes touch the water, with no drag from the water. The result is speed, excellent tracking, and easy rowing. The diminishing tubes and raised 4000 denier PVC floor allow the water from hydraulics to flow through the tunnel under the raft, this decreases the surface area for the water to lift and flip the boat. It is also hard to side flip the Bugs because water is trapped in the center tunnel under the floor. Unlike a cata-raft, the floor prevents the water from going over the tubes in the center or over to one side. The weight of the water between the tubes underneath holds the boat from rolling to one side or the other. Anyone with cata-raft experience can appreciate having a floor to prevent getting soaked or accidentally dropping valuable gear in the water between the tubes.

Other great features of the self-bailing Bug Series include; 2000 denier PVC tubes, 1100 denier PVC top wear patches, Poly-urethane bottom wear patches, Leifield C-7 valves, double reinforced d-rings and handles, quik-E thwart attachments, and removable thwarts. The Bugs are truly one of a kind, offering a maintenance-free self-bailing raft with the fun performance of a cata-raft.

Star Inflatables; great designs, service, and value.

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