We are glad you found us on the web and are taking a look at STAR INFLATABLES. We have a product to interest just about everyone.

You may wonder how my wife and I got started in the business of manufacturing inflatable boats. Rachel and I have always loved the out-of-doors. A weekend in the mountains, hiking, picnicking by a lake, or just taking in the fresh air and breathtaking scenery – this was where we found relaxation and a retreat from the stress of everyday life. We also found that we enjoyed floating a river, sometimes for several days at a time, soaking up the tranquility and beauty of the wilderness. We discovered that these activities were not only good for our health, but enhanced our marriage, as we spent quality time together.

As we canoed, kayaked, and rafted, I would look at the equipment and gear, and think about how the design or material could be improved to make it more useful, efficient, or durable. Since I had both a mathematical and a drafting background, I began to draw sketches of my improvements and new designs. The next step was to find a company that could build these designs for me.

I had traveled the world quite extensively doing volunteer work, and had friends in many countries. I asked my friends in Korea to find a company that built inflatables. They introduced me to Woosung I. B. Company in South Korea. From the beginning we established a very close working relationship. The president of Woosung has a very creative mind, like mine, and he treats the “impossible” as a challenge to be explored and conquered. He is also very honest and trustworthy. So I create the designs and Woosung produces the boats, and it has been a very successful partnership. Today we have an exclusive contract with Woosung to build our riverboats and we are proud of the quality, affordable inflatables that we sell.

From the start we decided that we wanted our business to be personal and friendly. We wanted to get to know our customers on a first name basis, so they wouldn’t be just an invoice or order number. We began by making extensive sales trips, visiting many of the rafting outfitters throughout North America. We visited their places of business, became personally acquainted, discussed the kind of inflatables their various locations and operations required, and listened to their suggestions. We value this first hand contact with those of experience in the rafting business. It was a great opportunity to meet many wonderful people and has greatly contributed to our being able to continually improve our products.

Another rewarding facet of our lives is to be involved in volunteer work in third world countries, and our STAR INFLATABLES business makes this possible. Each year we spend about two months in third world countries, volunteering our time, getting to know the people and their needs, building churches, and helping to finance the building projects. We take groups of young people with us on these volunteer projects, and to many it is a life-changing experience. We have found a lot of joy and fulfillment in helping others. Besides, a couple months a year away from the rat race of today’s society and making a living provides us with some much needed prospective on what is really important and valuable in life.

We look forward to getting to know you, and providing you with products that will increase your enjoyment of recreation in the great out-of-doors.
Wayne & Rachel Dull